Five typical confectioneries of Málaga’s Easter

Five typical confectioneries of Málaga’s Easter

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Torrijas (French toasts), borrachuelos (wine soaked sponge cakes) and buñuelos (sweet fritters) are part of the confectionery offer of Málaga’s Easter, a religious but also gastronomical festivity. At this time, confectionery is especially important. You can find these confections everywhere, bakeries, sweets and cakes shops and also in local homes. Have a sweet Easter with these recipes.



Made with wheat flour dough, fried in olive or sunflower oil, and coated with sugar or honey, borrachuelos (wine soaked sponge cakes) are usually stuffed with spaghetti squash jam or sweet potato jam, and seasoned with liquor or white wine. Although they are usually cooked during Easter, it is common to find them also in Christmas.


The main ingredient of torrijas (French toasts) is the bread. In order to prepare them, you need the toasts soaked with wine, honey and spices or with milk. Next, you must coat them in batter and deep fry them in abundant hot oil. To make them tastier, you can also season them with cinnamon, sugar or honey.


Buñuelos (sweet fritters) are also prepared with fried flour. Unlike borrachuelos, these have a round shape; they commonly have a hole in the centre and are coated with sugar. They are usually eaten as dessert or in the afternoon during the Lent.


Pestiños (honey fritters) are usually eaten on Lent and Easter, although it is also common to find them in Christmas. Of Arabic origin, they are made with fried flour dough and wine. Anise, sesame and cinnamon give them a special flavour. They are also coated with honey or sugar syrup.

Rice with chestnuts

Rice with chestnuts and cane syrup is a traditional dessert from Alhaurín de la Torre. This is a very typical Easter dessert, made of rice, milk and chestnuts, and other ingredients such as cinnamon, sugar and anise liquor.





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