The mysteries of El Acebuchal

The mysteries of El Acebuchal

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Today we want to take you to one of the most mysterious and remote villages in Málaga province. Depending on Cómpeta and very few kilometres far from Frigiliana, this village was once a refuge for the maquis, the reason by which it was evicted and abandoned to its fate during the time of Franco. Fifty years after, it was restored by a family that has made it an enclave for the rural tourism in the province.


Ghost village

El Acebuchal is situated in a privileged area, just in the heart of Sierras Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park. El Acebuchal village was founded in the 17th century. It is located in a muleteers’ route between Granada and Málaga. Here, the traders who were passing through stopped to have a rest. In the fourties, the same houses that today are a  benchmark for rural tourism, were suspicious of being refuge for maquis, the anti Franco guerrillas, so the Guardia Civil opted for evicting the whole village and this was abandoned. This earned it de nickname of “Ghost village” or “Lost village”.


Return to life

After fifty years of lethargy, it came back to life in 1998. Antonio ‘El zumbo’ had dreamed for his whole life to make El Acebuchal reborn and started to renovate it step by step. No water or electricity until 2003, we can imagine this so difficult project! Currently Antonio runs a successful restaurant and rural hotel with fantastic service and food.


Back to the Past

Walking along this village streets is undoubtedly back to the Past experience. Donkeys and mules can be usually seen in them. Another important fact is that there is not phone network here, so you must get cash available because card payment is impossible. In short, a place with a very singular history that Nature lovers shouldn’t miss.





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