A sunny St. Patrick's Day on the Costa del Sol

A sunny St. Patrick's Day on the Costa del Sol

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17th of March is almost here: St. Patrick's Day, Ireland's patron saint's festivity and one of the most celebrated in the world. The travelling character of the Irish, their good humor and their ability to have fun in company may be among the keys to the success of this celebration. Here we give some clues for you to live it all on the Costa del Sol.


Sunshine yellow + Mediterranean blue = Irish green

It is said that in the world there are about 80 million Irish, of which only about four million live in Ireland. It is logical therefore the enormous repercussion and follow-up that St. Patrick's Day has outside its borders.

Not only the cosmopolitan condition of the Costa del Sol fits with this holiday, but the extraordinary level of its tourist services will make you enjoy it very much and in a very pleasant way. And the most important thing: here the feast is lived with a privileged climate.

Do you know what temperature you can enjoy on the Costa del Sol on the 17th of March? 20 glorious degrees (68ºF). With this information you can already imagine yourself tasting a good pint sitting on a terrace in Malaga.

There are numerous establishments and pubs that celebrate St. Patrick's Day all over the Costa del Sol, decorating their premises green, giving themed products and offering special activities.

But besides the celebration in pubs, the party is also in the streets. For example, in the coastal town of Benalmadena, where a large Irish colony resides, you can attend a parade of St. Patrick with all its garnishes… bagpipe included! You can also try elaborate traditional cuisine or enjoy Irish dance performances in the fairgrounds.

And you can still find some surprises in other municipalities of Malaga that also celebrate St. Patrick's Day. For instance, you can see illuminated in green the Arch of Marbella, a monument that is entry point to the most glamourous town on the Costa del Sol.




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