Three original ideas for a different getaway in the province of Malaga

Three original ideas for a different getaway in the province of Malaga

Do you have a few days off and want to break the routine? In December, any day can be festive for you on the Costa del Sol. We propose three original ideas for you to plan different getaway.

Scuba diving in December

The pleasant climate of the Costa del Sol makes it possible to practice water activities throughout the year. And diving is no exception. You just need to get the proper equipment and know how to choose the best time for diving. That is something you can learn at diving schools and clubs of Malaga, so you can plan a trip that fits you.

Manilva, located at the western end of the Costa del Sol, is an excellent choice to dive in December. Beside its rich seabed, you will find several facilities, such as Puerto de la Duquesa, with a wide range of sports and leisure. Hence, it is a popular destination for sailing, windsurfing or even lovers of fishing.

After an underwater adventure, you can stroll the white village of unmistakable Andalusian style and admire the Castillo de la Duquesa (Castle of the Duchess). And to finish the day, nothing better than a dinner of fish and seafood, accompanied with some local wine.


Tourism in Ronda

The town of Ronda is renowned for its beauty, having impressed travellers from around the world for centuries. But Ronda is not only etched in the mind, but also in the spirit of those who visit it, especially thanks to its famous wines. Ronda wines occupy a unique place in the Andalusian and Spanish popular gastronomy. One way to learn all its finer points, is to practice wine tourism through the municipality, visiting different wineries, as well as the Wine Interpretation Centre, which is very close to the Bandolero Museum. You can complete the route visiting the vineyards of the village where the grapes are grown.


Passion for craftsmanship

Are you a lover of craft? Then, Velez-Malaga will not leave you indifferent. The capital of the Axarquia region brings together some of the best workshops of the Costa del Sol where unique pieces are made by hand, as in yesteryear. Take advantage of these days of December and pay a visit. You might find that special gift for Christmas you have been looking for.

Potters, glaziers, tanners and embroiderers of Velez perform their jobs like they have done for centuries, turning their creations into true works of art. In addition, during your itinerary you can see interesting monuments like the Alcazaba, the Palace of Beniel, the House of Cervantes or Gothic-Moorish style churches.

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