Looking for a flat in Malaga? Three ideal areas to settle

Looking for a flat in Malaga? Three ideal areas to settle

Can you imagine living by the Mediterranean Sea and at the same time enjoying a great European city with all amenities and numerous options for studying? Imagine a place with neighborhoods as lively as Camden, the culture of South Kensington or Bayswater’s youthful atmosphere ... and everything in a beach city and over 300 sunny days a year!

Welcome to Malaga, here we suggest some areas where you're going to be very very happy:

The square where Picasso was born

Did you know that Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga? More specifically in the Plaza de la Merced, a large open space in the heart of the city and close to absolutely everything: entertainment, museums, restaurants, schools ...

In the square you will find the Natal Picasso Museum and next to it locates the amazing gourmet space designed in the old Mercado de la Merced. The Cervantes Theatre is one minute by foot, there are many schools in the neighbourhood where you can learn Spanish and there are hundreds of restaurants and leisure areas.

Don’t you find it inspiring living next to the house where the most universal painter from Malaga was born?

The beach-iest Malaga

Malagueta is the beautiful name that calls the most famous beach in Malaga: it is like a cozy diminutive which defines a beach and an area very beloved by the locals.

Both day and evening atmosphere is lively, many young people frequent the stylish pubs and clubs of the area. Sun and fun by the Mediterranean.

Study with quality of life in Pedregalejo

Pedregalejo is not only one of the coolest residential areas of Malaga, but also it keeps its authenticity, as it sits in an old fishing quarter. Here you will find a large number of language schools, and young people are increasingly moving to this área.




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