A wine tour through the Serranía de Ronda: get to know its wineries

A wine tour through the Serranía de Ronda: get to know its wineries

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The Serranía de Ronda is a land of vineyards, from which are produced most of the wines made in the province of Malaga. The Serranía de Ronda Wine and Wineries Tour, which includes Ronda and Arriate, is made up of more than twenty wineries with attractive offers for lovers of wine tourism. Excellent wines are produced here under the denomination of origin “Sierras de Málaga”.

A unique landscape

The Serranía de Ronda, unlike other areas where wine is produced, has a very rugged terrain. This gives rise to landscapes featuring sloping vineyards where the most traditional harvesting methods are preserved. Ronda itself has a breathtaking landscape: houses hanging from the impressive cliff, narrow stone streets and an architecture which has remained almost intact through the passing of the years. All surrounded by a unique natural environment. It is its location in the arch of the Mediterranean, with its particular climate and geological diversity, which gives its wines much of their unique nature.

Wineries with history

One of the most interesting wineries in Ronda is the Descalzos Viejos, located in a former 16th century trinitarian convent. Its owners carry out guided tours and tastings, for which prior booking is required. Another of the wineries you can visit is La Sangre. This winery is found in an impressive Mansion-Palace and offers wine tastings and courses. Events can also be celebrated in its facilities. 

La Melonera has an interesting project in which they recover historical grape varieties. This winery is committed to a viniculture where the characteristics of the land are respected.

Another outstanding winery is the F.Schatz Winery, whose owner contributed to the recovery of Ronda’s wine tradition. This German winegrower came to Andalusia in the 1980s looking for a place to make his wines and, today, produces some excellent organic wines.

What to see in Ronda

As well as the visits and tastings in wineries, you can’t leave without tasting tapas in the most traditional bars of Ronda, always accompanied by a good local wine. Between one glass and the next, you can enjoy the splendid views of the Tagus from the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), visit places such as its bullring, the Palacio del Rey Moro (Palace of the Moorish King), the Cuenca Gardens and the Arab Baths; or simply lose yourself in its streets and soak up the city’s lively atmosphere.

And that’s not all. If you want to discover more wineries, on this route you have more than 20 to choose from and can taste the diversity and unique nature of Ronda’s wines. Below, you can see the complete list of wineries included in the Ruta del Vino Wine Tour.

  • La Melonera Winery
  • Doña Felisa Winery
  • García Hidalgo Winery
  • Cuesta La Viña Winery
  • Joaquín Fernández Winery
  • Descalzos Viejos Winery
  • Shatz Winery
  • Excelencia Winery
  • Morosanto Winery
  • Lunares Ronda Winery
  • Los Aguilares Winery
  • Cezar Winery
  • La Sangre Winery
  • Martín Kieninger Ecological Winery
  • Viloria Winery
  • Ronda Wine Interpretation Centre
  • Vinoteando
  • Conrad Winery
  • Vetas Winery
  • García Hidalgo Winery



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